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Magiccar Application

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Magiccar Application

Post by magiccar on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:02 pm

1. Your account(s) name(s), ship lines and levels, including your crew set ups.

account : magiccar
ship lines :
ijn PCV lvl 108 , ijn nagato lvl 80 , ijn CV Unryu lvl 73 ,SN PCV lvl 116 , USN ss3 lvl 63 , USN CV YorkTown lvl 70 , USN Op 107 without crew for BB5 , Deutche OP 107 without crew for BB5 , UK OP 107 without crew for BB5

2. Your most active time period during a day and your time zone.

Play medium 3 h /day , timezone +2h GMT

3. What country do you live in and your primary language. Are you able to do basic communications in English.

Live in Europe Romania , primary language Romanian , basic knowlege english language .

4. Do you plan to download teamspeak3 and are you able to talk in Teamspeak3 servers. Also, can you stay in Teamspeak3 server as long as you are playing the game.

Yes , both

5. Your game experiences and your previous fleet/squad.

2 years playng NF , was in two fleets JRF and Truesiths , squad Vikings

6. What made you want to apply to The Guardians Fleet.

New fleet , new hopes , new friends .

7. Do you share your account information with anyone else.
Not yet

8. Which type of ships do you feel most comfortable playing.

CV's and SUB's

9. There will be a period of time for our fleet-mates to monitor you. Are you be able to wait patiently enough? The monitoring period can vary form player to player.
No problem with monitoring .

10. Tell us more about yourself; such as your age; why should we recruit you; and your talent in the game.

Age 37 , Im loial to my fleet and squad , long therm player , friendly atitude , play good as CV and SUB , in the future i will play good as BB also .


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Re: Magiccar Application

Post by hyz980517 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:11 am

welcome to the fleet.


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