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Arcanist's App

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Arcanist's App

Post by Arcanist on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:18 am

1. Your account(s) name(s), ship lines and levels, including your crew set ups.

UK lv120 QV 6engy 4rep
UK lv120 MW combination of follow: 5FP 3TB 1DB 1Scout (all 120lv including seaman)
UK lv82 SS4
MN lv120 Charlemargne 5engy 3rep /w AA
SN lv114 Sovietsky Soyuz 7engy 3rep (5eng 3rep /w AA)
SN lv86 SS4

*will lv JP BB after SN

2. Your most active time period during a day and your time zone.
- after 6pm PST weekday, or anytime Weekend.

3. What country do you live in and your primary language. Are you able to do basic communications in English.

Canada & English

4. Do you plan to download teamspeak3 and are you able to talk in Teamspeak3 servers. Also, can you stay in Teamspeak3 server as long as you are playing the game.

Yes, Yes

5. Your game experiences and your previous fleet/squad.
Played few yrs with friends and in Viking squad

6. What made you want to apply to The Guardians Fleet.

As per Viking squad decision.

7. Do you share your account information with anyone else.


8. Which type of ships do you feel most comfortable playing.

BB6 > BB5 > (CV6 or PCV) > SS

9. There will be a period of time for our fleet-mates to monitor you. Are you be able to wait patiently enough? The monitoring period can vary form player to player.


10. Tell us more about yourself; such as your age; why should we recruit you; and your talent in the game.
I dont have much specific talent but every skill are above average Very Happy .


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Re: Arcanist's App

Post by crusader1 on Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:42 am

viking squad is so powerful O.o welcome !

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Re: Arcanist's App

Post by hyz980517 on Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:16 pm

Welcome to the fleet Smile


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Re: Arcanist's App

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